Finding your Destiny / Trouver votre destin

Are you feeling lost and confused in life?
Do you sense that you have a mission and a purpose but you can’t quite find it.
Vous sentez-vous perdu ou égaré dans votre vie?
Avez-vous le pressentiment que vous avez, en réalité, un but, une mission dans la vie mais que vous n’arrivez pas l’identifier clairement.

Yes, help me find my destiny!/Oui, aidez-moi à trouver mon destin!

About Sufi Ibrahim

I was a practicing certified psychiatrist for over 34 years until my retirement last December. I worked in the medical field for over 46 years - 12 as a general practitioner.

During this period I learnt a lot, not only medical and psychiatric science, but an understanding of the nature of the life process itself, with all its challenges -- ups and downs.

I have also been practicing the discipline of Sufism – the inner aspect of the Islamic tradition – for over 40 years, beginning with Pir Vilayat Khan in the mid-seventies. During this period, I have maintained a deep and extensive interest in other spiritual traditions, including various forms of Buddhist meditation, Hinduism, Yoga, and most recently the Chinese tradition of Chigong.

One of my earliest spiritual teachers was a Tibetan Buddhist who was sent as a delegate by the Dalai Lama to the Tibetan refugee community in Longueuil (a suburb of Montreal).



years in medical system


years as a general practitioner


years as certified psychiatrist


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